Lower Loch Fyne print chart
no. of visible wrecks 19 wrecks
hydrographic service British Isles
parent Firth of Clyde and Loch Fyne
max.  latitude 56°02'.470 N
min.  latitude 55°49'.000 N
max.  longitude 005°11'.660 W
min.  longitude 005°27'.220 W
projection: transverse mercator
horizontal datum WGS84
scale 1/25000
width 7635 px
height 11809 px
chart border
zoom 25-50-75-100%
wreck symbol
highlighted wreck
owner British Hydrographic Office - UK
website http://www.ukho.gov.uk
last update administrator
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© British Crown Copyright, 2014.

copyright: UK Hydrographic Office
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Wrecks On This Chart
19 results
sorted by: Name
NameNationalityTypePropulsionCause LostYear°Year†WeightPosition
?55°51'XXXN-005°12'XXXW ®obstruction   UK hydro member
?55°51'XXXN-005°21'XXXW ®   UK hydro member
?55°51'XXXN-005°21'XXXW ®foul   UK hydro member
?55°52'XXXN-005°21'XXXW ®anchorsno propulsion  120UK hydro member
?55°52'XXXN-005°21'XXXW [+1975] ®anchorsno propulsion 1975 UK hydro member
?55°52'XXXN-005°22'XXXW ®structureno propulsion   UK hydro member
?55°52'XXXN-005°23'XXXW ®anchorsno propulsion  154UK hydro member
?55°52'XXXN-005°23'XXXW [+1975] ®anchorsno propulsion 1975 UK hydro member
?55°52'XXXN-005°24'XXXW ®trawler   UK hydro member
?55°52'XXXN-005°24'XXXW ®trawlersteam   UK hydro member
?55°53'XXXN-005°22'XXXW ®obstruction   UK hydro member
?55°53'XXXN-005°22'XXXW ®anchorsno propulsion  213UK hydro member
?55°53'XXXN-005°23'XXXW ®obstructionno propulsion   UK hydro member
?56°00'XXXN-005°23'XXXW ®small fishing boat   UK hydro member
?56°00'XXXN-005°23'XXXW ®   UK hydro member
Arran III SS [+1932] ®britishsteamran aground (wrecked) 193249UK hydro member
Grampus HMS (S04) [+1980] ®britishsubmarinediesel and batteriesscuttled1957198001610UK hydro member
Moonlight SS [+1948] ®britishcargo shipsteamfoundered19131948100UK hydro member
Sincerity [+2000] ®britishsmall fishing boatmotor vessel (diesel) 2000 UK hydro member